A Place for the Lurking Frame Builder

I’ve been spending a ton of time lurking on the internet trying to find out where all the handmade frame builders hide. I think I’ve come upon some good resources. So if you spend way too much time day dreaming about handmade bicycles like I do, check a couple of them out.

www.bikeforums.net – This is a general bicycle forum, but they have a discussion group for Framebuilders and have been very helpful and kind to a newbie like me.
www.frameforum.org – This is a frame building specific forum. I haven’t spent much time here yet, but some of the people using this forum are instantly recognizable.
del.icio.us – I’ve been saving a lot of the framebuilders’ websites I’ve come across to my del.icio.us bookmarking site.

Also, in the bikeforums.net’s Framebuilder’s section is a post called FBQ. There are a bunch of links to questionnaires answered by the top names in the industry.

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