Sean is a recent graduate from the MBA program at San Francisco State with 10 years of experience in business and technology. After graduating from UC Davis in computer engineering in 2004, he followed his parents’ footsteps and became an entrepreneur. He and his father recognized a need for entrepreneurs to monitor their businesses, they utilized their respective skills in technology and construction, and they created Bay Surveillance. Following his four years as an entrepreneur, he further developed his skills in IT and video as a systems engineer for a software division of Comcast, where he became an expert in technologies used in metropolitan-wide cable infrastructures.

Throughout his professional career, he has always been interested in the convergence of business and technology, and in 2012, he returned to school at San Francisco State University to pursue a part-time MBA while continuing to work full time. During the program, he excelled at academics, graduating with a 3.9, and he also discovered a passion for sustainable business, which can be simply defined as business practices aimed at doing well while also doing good. During a class on business strategies in international markets, his professor challenged him to research poverty in San Francisco and its business implications. He began to deeply understand the additional role of tech companies as stewards of society, and in the summer of 2014, his professor invited him to present at PACIBER to an audience of deans and professors representing 27 international universities.

During his final semester at SFSU, he applied his professional background in business and technology to help the work of two Bay Area nonprofits, Centro Community Partners and Year Up, which focus on economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and technology careers.

Outside of business and technology, Sean enjoys challenging himself on the bicycle, building communal spaces for himself and his neighbors, and brewing beer.

Please reach out to Sean on LinkedIn or at s@seanchon.com.