I am currently seeking career opportunities in product management or business consulting.

Learning is at the core of who I am, from my days in middle school competing as a Mathlete to balancing full-time work and grad school. I received my MBA from San Francisco State University in December of 2014 with a concentration in sustainable business, and I am currently looking for that dream career that combines all of my passions into a neat, little package. Or perhaps it's a gargantuan system of complexities. That's okay too since I love a challenge. My ideal career would combine most elements of the following.

- Strategy. I have had a really incredible opportunity to act as a student consultant for many Bay Area organizations during my MBA experience. I love helping a company that is entrenched in operational challenges take a step back and think strategically.

- Creativity. I am not particularly artistic, but I love the creativity that comes from testing a business hypothesis. A metaphor about Iron Chef comes to mind where the business strategist is the chef, the resources and capabilities of the business become the ingredients, and the chef cooks up a creative storm to the delight of the audience.

- Empathy. While doing research for school and interning at Centro Community Partners, I learned the importance of listening and asking the right questions. Often, the core of a business' or customer's needs may lie many layers below what is first understood.

- Impact. I concentrated in sustainable business because I believe that businesses benefit from having a positive impact in their surrounding communities and environment.

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or at s @ seanchon dot com.